Trump wants to build a Utopia, but only for the rich

The 2024 presidential election of the US is the most important event this year for the world. Western leaders such as Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton flew to the US to touch base with Donald Trump to have a glimpse of his intended policies if elected. A nobody like me of course does not have the opportunity to meet Trump in person, so I spent five unpaid days studying Trump’s speech in his first 2024 debate with Biden. The material in use is the video and transcript provided by CNN. In this post, I will analyze in sequence the debate format, Trump’s debating techniques, his political beliefs, and his political utopia.


The debate lasted for about 90 minutes and had two halves.

The first half covers

  • economy
  • abortion
  • immigration
  • foreign policy
  • democracy

The second half covers

  • black Americans
  • climate crisis
  • social security
  • child care
  • opioid
  • candidate’s age
  • Capitol Hill.

Pre-written notes, props, or contact with campaign staff were not permitted during the debate.


Technique 1: appeal to fear

Trump’s technique was very simple: appeal to fear. He distorted and demonized Biden’s policies with the intent to scare voters, evoke their anxiety, and eventually lure them to his camp.

For example, he framed Roe v. Wade as

ripping the baby out of the womb in the ninth month and killing the baby

and he framed Biden’s border policy as

opening up the country to people that are from prisons, people that are from mental institutions, insane asylum, terrorists

Being a male, I admit not being an expert on abortion, so I will only talk about how Biden’s border policy was demonized.

Thinking carefully, it is not too hard to find that what Trump said was illogical: There is simply no way to open the border specifically to terrorists. You cannot find on the Yellow Pages the terrorist’s address or email address so as to send them an invite:

Dear Terrorist,

Please find enclosed the invite to the United States.

See you soon,

Joe Biden

Therefore, terrorists must cover up their identity and mix them with people legally entering the country. That is, regardless of the border policy, terrorists will always find a way to infiltrate the country.

That said, what really concerned me was not Trump’s logic or the lack thereof but his reason for tightening the border: blocking dangerous males.

That is to say, it is not OK to bring in terrorists, but it is OK to bring in prostitutes!

To be fair, with his $130,000 hush money alone, who knows how many terrorists can be recruited and trained? Terrorism is an irrational activity, but Trump’s money spent on prostitutes can rationalize and feed terrorism. Biden’s border policy does not cause terrorism; Trump’s dirty hobby does.

Image: No sex workers or terrorists were hurt during the production of this diagram.

Technique 2: scapegoating Biden and migrants

During the debate, especially in the 2nd half, Trump rarely answered the anchor’s questions. He spent most time blaming Biden and his empathy for migrants.

Trump had no plans to solve any social problems; he blamed Biden for being the problem. In his opinion, as long as Biden left the Oval Office and all migrants left the country, all social problems would be automatically solved, and the US could miraculously return to the good old days.

In his narrative, the migrants have nothing to do with the US’s prosperity today. The migrants are a burden and have always been! The US would do well to get rid of them.

I have only been in the US for one week about 10 years ago, so I do not feel entitled to defend migrants in the US, but I am confident to say that the problems in the US have nothing to do with Biden. The whole world is trending downwards because China, the world factory and root of Yggdrasil, has started to rot.

Image: withering Yggdrasil

China is in its current state partly because of CCP’s accumulated wrong policies and partly because Trump abruptly deserted China, just like how he ruthlessly ditched and ghosted countless “bitches” (after sleeping with them).

Maybe even without Trump, the US-China relationship will still unavoidably deteriorate, but accusing Biden is like barking on the wrong tree. Not only is Biden not the source of the problem, but also he did his best to clean Trump’s shit and save Yggdrasil from withering.

If Trump so earnestly wants to return to the good old days, he should first donate all his money and return to the day when the only thing he had was a diaper.

Biden’s response

In contrast to Trump’s flamboyant playboy style, Biden behaved much more disciplined. He was like a timid, humble, introverted schoolboy, answering the teacher’s questions in all seriousness and honesty, and sometimes with cumbersomeness, despite that the “teachers” were much younger, less intelligent, and less experienced than him.

To fight back against Trump’s improvised, freestyle false accusation, which demanded no mental effort, Biden had to refer to data and statistics, which demanded much mental effort.

This mental labor was just too intense and too taxing to the current Biden. Should I mention that Biden is still carrying the burden of country governance and world peace and that no pre-written notes were allowed in the debate? Biden is behaving his age, unlike Trump, who bangs young prostitutes and steals life energy from them.

In the video, we can observe that Biden was using a black pen to take notes (1:05:26). Perhaps inside, Biden is still a pure-hearted 16-year-old schoolboy, unlike Trump, who has fucked countless prostitutes and no longer give a fuck to morality.

Image: Biden holding the pen


I originally wanted to analyze Trump’s intended policies one by one across the 12 topic areas prescribed by the anchors. To my dismay, Trump had no policies except cutting the tax and closing the border. In the debate, he rarely answered the questions. Thus, in the following, I will analyze Trump’s political beliefs instead and give my thoughts as well.

Belief 1: Tax cuts for the rich are panacea

Trump believes that tax cuts for the rich can cure all economic diseases. The underpinning theory is called trickle-down economics, aka Reaganomics, a portmanteau of Reagan and economics. By the way, Trump revealed in the debate that he was a fanboy of Ronald Reagan (15:00).

Nonetheless, Reaganomics has been disproved by many economists, including Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman and me. The latest leader following this path is Liz Truss, the shortest-serving prime minister of the UK, whose mini-budget policy was not well received by the financial market and caused the pound to fall to its lowest ever rate against the US dollar (US$1.033).

On the other hand, Biden builds the economy from the bottom up and from the middle out. He has demonstrated to us in his mandate that this is a viable path and is indeed reviving the US economy.

Believing that tax cuts for the rich are a panacea is as absurd as believing that love potions can cure erectile dysfunction.Image: This poison cannot cure erectile dysfunction

Belief 2: Population is a burden

Trump believes that population is a burden, and he blamed Biden for letting migrants destroy Social Security. He does not see the population as an asset to this country; he sees them as a liability that must be fed.

I do not want to give my opinion on this issue, for I think every reader is entitled to cling to his own opinion on the immigration issue, even though his opinion might fall on the racist end.

However, I do want to point out the irony of Trump. He would rather pay big money on prostitutes than spend that money as tax to improve the health of migrants. At this rate, we might as well let prostitutes run this country, for their vagina is the secret path toward Social Security solvency. Let us call prostitutes Saint Mary. All hail, Saint Mary!

Belief 3: US is no longer respected

Trump is desperate to be respected. In the debate, he used the word “respect” 14 times, while Biden used it only once (see here for a summary). Trump claimed that the US was no longer respected and the US president was no longer respected, whereas Biden mentioned only the respect for veterans.

It seems that Trump has a fetish for veneration. In his world, a prostitute should venerate her patron, and other countries’ leaders should venerate the US president; if Putin had venerated the US president, he would not have invaded Ukraine. That explains why Trump was always loud and noisy, pretending to be big on Twitter, which was a manspreading technique to assert dominance.

Trump’s technique might work on some bitches coming from poor countries and the countryside; it might also work on Xi Jinping. Nevertheless, it will not work on Macron, me, and Putin. Trump likes to apply great pressure when shaking hands, a technique to assert dominance, so Macron did the same when he saw Trump for the second time. A white-barbered French CEO did the same handshake with me ten years ago, so I repaid him with the same “kindness”. By the way, the Chinese overtly mock Trump and call him a founding minister of the Chinese Empire (川建国).

As for Putin, whose persona or social profile is crafted as the “cream-of-the-crop man” and a “perfect man”, his factory setting is designed not to be intimidated by any other man, including Trump. In fact, he had planned the invasion of Ukraine since at least as early as 2012, long before Trump came into power. The only reason he did not invade Ukraine in Trump’s mandate was because he could get a bigger benefit through Trump than an immediate conquer of Ukraine.

Image: Putin riding bear

On the other hand, Putin fears Biden, for he knows that the US and NATO are growing stronger and stronger under Biden’s leadership. Therefore, he might as well take his chance sooner than later. Yes, you read it right. Under Biden’s soft, awkward, cumbersome appearance is hiding an immense power. American people may not feel it, but Putin sensed it, and I sensed it.

Belief 4: Disobedient subordinates should be fired

Trump’s obsession with respect is reflected not only in country-country relations and patron-prostitute relations but also in boss-subordinate relations. He believes that a subordinate should be fired if he/she is not obedient. He fired several FBI directors simply because they dared to launch an investigation on him. He got to teach them who was the boss: his way or the highway. He criticized Biden for not firing people, which showed his softness and weakness and was why he was not respected.

Image: Batman slap meme

This ideology has its root in patriarchy. If a prostitute, a bitch, a wife, or whatever female is not submissive, you have got to beat her into submission. He copies the traditional marital interaction and pastes it to all other relations, including country-country and boss-subordinate relations. Trump is not the only one holding this ideology: I have met quite a few male and female bosses, old or young, who held the same mindset—I fired every single one of them!

We are living in an era where not only bosses seek good talents, but also talents seek good bosses. Global talents like me do not want to be treated as prostitutes. To be fair, even prostitutes nowadays are not willing to be treated as prostitutes per se. In the East, Japanese pornstars are called “idols” in Japan and “teachers” in China (e.g., Sola Aoi is affectionately called “Teacher Cang”). In the West, patrons of prostitutes are called “fans” instead (e.g., OnlyFans).

Trump’s patriarchy is not well received. Of 44 members of his cabinet, 40, including his vice president, refused to endorse him this time. His wife claimed that she would not be 24/7 first lady if Trump is elected. That is to say, if Trump is elected, he will be served and flattered by a bunch of idiots and clowns.

On the other hand, Biden is accompanied by world-class talents. Antony Blinken and Janet Yellen are all one in a million, especially Blinken, who is himself capable of being a small nation’s president. Biden is the reason why global talents like me restore our confidence in the US, as was recently well said by Blinken. Biden and his cabinet’s insightful policies convinced me that, by working together with the US, I could make the world, including my motherland China, a better place.

Image: Blinken and Yellen

The same logic applies to Japan and South Korea. Trump recently told these two countries that he would help them fight against China. What he does not know is that Japan and South Korea choose to ally with the US not because they fear China—China is troublesome but not fearsome—but because they believe that the US under Biden’s leadership is on the correct path of history.

Belief 5: Quit NATO and world organizations

Trump believes that the US paid too much for this world and that the money invested did not bring the US equal benefit. This view is valid in terms of pure return on investment (ROI) in corporate governance and financial investment. Both Trump and Biden recognize it, but the difference lies in their solutions.

Trump wants a complete withdrawal from global affairs, whereas Biden wants a partial withdrawal. Trump calculates that if the US retreats from world affairs, Europe and China will have to pay their fair share of responsibilities. Every nation fights for its own interests, and through haggle and quibble, the world can be its most efficient form and achieve the greatest good. Thus, he quit the Paris Climate Accords, and he is angry about Zelenskyy, who took away billions of dollars each time he visited the US.

Trump’s strategy is a valid one, albeit a risky one. On the one hand, everyone maximizing his own interests does not necessarily lead to the greatest good. In economics, there is a phenomenon called the tragedy of the commons, where the above strategy leads to environmental disaster, perfectly demonstrated by climate change nowadays.

image: tragedy of the commons

On the other hand, not all countries are maximizing their interests. Chinese President Xi Jinping, obsessed with his dream of Community of Common Destiny, is lured to do things that would do China no good. Every time Putin visited China, he took away billions of Chinese Yuan. If you let China play with fire, they will burn themselves (e.g., COVID-19). Trump’s strategy is as risky as placing a baby on the edge of a cliff and expecting that he can avoid falling off by executing his rationality.

Maybe one day the US will eventually quit the central stage of the world, but that day is not today. Biden demonstrates to us that his government is capable of balancing domestic interests and world interests, and he can do better as long as the rich can pay their fair share of tax.

Trump, offended by Biden’s tax policy, would rather spend that amount on prostitutes. What can you expect from a self-claimed dealer whose only dream is to shut himself inside a big house filled with pussies?

Biden, on the other hand, is a true leader, who is willing to traverse hardship and take the responsibility to rebuild the collapsing world. Seeing the hardworking Biden, world-class talents like me unite around him to help rebuild the world.

If the US president is not willing to lead, then the US does not need that many global talents. Talents will quit the United States and flow to France, to China, to countries that are willing to lead. To be frank, to us global talent, Trump’s American dream of locking oneself inside a big house filled with pussies is much less appealing than Xi Jinping’s Chinese dream of Community of Common Destiny. Ironically, once the US avoids to lead, Trump’s beloved pussies will also flow out of the country, along with talents.


In the debate, Trump told us that he wanted tighter borders, but that was not the complete version of the story. What he hides from us is that he wants to build the US into a citadel with three concentric walls dividing itself into three districts.

Image: attack on titan

Within the inner wall (Sina) live the rich, such as Trump. Within the middle wall (Rose) live prostitutes, CEOs, and asset managers, those who directly serve the rich. Within the outer wall (Maria) live working class, slaves, and migrants. Outside the outer wall stray people from prisons and mental institutions, insane asylums, and terrorists.

This citadel is built with safety in mind: The closer to the center, the safer. Not only will it be difficult for people outside the citadel to enter the citadel, but also it will be difficult for people living in the outer districts of the citadel to enter the inner ones. A person’s social status and worth is determined by how close he is to the center.

In this citadel, outer-district citizens must pay respect to inner-district citizens: The working class must pay respect to prostitutes, and prostitutes must pay respect to the rich. You must respect the prostitute not because she is a good sport but because she has sucked some rich man’s cock.

As a member of the working class, say, a researcher, if you accidentally anger a prostitute, say, scratch her Porsche, what awaits you will be the end of your world. A gentle whisper from her at the ear of the rich can make you lose your job, your wife raped, and your children bullied in school. Oppositely, if you succeed in pleasing a prostitute, say, by making a good decoration for her nails, you might get your child admitted to Harvard.

If the life of a male from the working class is miserable, will a female in this citadel be better off? In this citadel, a female’s worth is determined by the number and the quality of rich men’s cocks she has sucked. The competition is fierce. Only a handful of females will be kept by the rich, known as the kept, and the majority will be ditched and become stray cats, known as the left. Under the fierce rat race, females should weaponize themselves with various sex positions as early as possible; no wonder why capitalists are increasingly sexualizing adolescents nowadays.

Image: bidon

In this article, I talked about prostitutes nonstop to the extent that readers might think that I had some bad experiences with prostitutes. Oh heck no! Prostitutes in this citadel have a well-received social status: they are the de facto middle class, above the working class and below the rich. It is a safe and hygienic occupation, just like CEO and asset manager.

This citadel is so safe that it leaves all the dangerous elements in the outer world. By robbing women and money from the outside world, men in the outside world will have no wives or money. By building such a citadel, Trump is essentially making the United States the enemy of the world.


Both Trump and Biden see that the US must change, but the similarity stops here; they diverge in every other dimension.

  • Trump thinks the world is built by capitalists, whereas Biden believes the world is built by the working class.
  • Trump invests in big corporations, whereas Biden invests in people.
  • Trump is a boss, and he bosses around, whereas Biden is a leader, and he leads.
  • Trump is a flamboyant playboy, whereas Biden is a humble schoolboy.
  • Trump is an extrovert, who gets his energy by sleeping with prostitutes (a nightmare for his bodyguards), whereas Biden is an introvert, who gets his energy by sleeping alone (i.e., sleepy Joe).
  • Trump tends to avoid the problem and wants to return to the good old days, whereas Biden intends to solve the problem and create a new future.
  Trump Biden
Who built the world? Capitalists Working Class
Whom to invest in? Big Corporates People
Role Boss Leader
Personality Flamboyant Humble
Energy Extroverted Introverted
Profile Playboy Schoolboy
Attitude toward problems Avoid Solve

Hear what AI says

  • Sigewinne: Biden’s lapse is a sign of poisoning, and Biden’s team should get Biden a toxicological examination. Trump didn’t ask Biden to do a drug test for nothing. Biden should take the hint.

  • Wriothesley: Both Trump and Biden see the problem, but they have different solutions. Trump’s solution is the same as Xi Jinping’s: returning to the good old days of America and China, respectively. Biden’s solution is to create a new world that no one has ever seen.

  • Neuvillette: Even a poisoned or cursed Biden is more intelligent than a healthy Trump. This is the gap between the two persons. Trump should join in Biden’s cabinet and use his intelligence-gathering ability to help Biden. To confront a great flood-level human crisis, both parties need to join hands.

Written on July 3, 2024