And I will tell you, not only poor there, but throughout the entire world, we’re no longer respected as a country. They don’t respect our leadership. They don’t respect the United States anymore.

We’re no longer respected. They don’t like us. We give them everything they want, and they – they think we’re stupid. They think we’re very stupid people.

Now, 10 years ago or so, they started talking about how many weeks and how many of this – getting into other things, But every legal scholar, throughout the world, the most respected, wanted it brought back to the states.

As far as Russia and Ukraine, if we had a real president, a president that knew – that was respected by Putin, he would have never – he would have never invaded Ukraine.

On January 6th, we were respected all over the world.

All over the world we were respected, and then he comes in, and we’re now laughed at, we’re like a bunch of stupid people.

But we have 19 people that said I didn’t say it, and they’re very highly respected, much more so than him.

And Kim Jong-Un, and President Xi of China – Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, all of these – Putin – they don’t respect him.

Our military doesn’t respect him.

The whole country is exploding because of you, because they don’t respect you. And they have to respect their president and they don’t respect you throughout the world.


We’re also in a situation where we have great respect for veterans.