I am a solution expert in using statistics, machine learning, operations research, optimization, programming, and various tricks to solve industrial, economical, financial, sociological, political, and gaming problems.

I have solved various problems for big corporates, SMEs, startups, and communities, in an innovative and efficient (low price/performance ratio) way. My reliability and perseverance are highly appreciated by the clients.

  • I don’t have any affiliation with any communist party from any country.
  • I don’t accept funding with military background.
  • I prioritize the projects concerning social justice and those most in need.
  • My life goal is the ultimate benefit of society, namely human rights and the prosperity of every individual.
  • There are many ways to solve a problem; I will find a way that can lead to the future.


Public projects

Reference Cards




A Distributed Frank–Wolfe Framework for Trace Norm Minimization via the Bulk Synchronous Parallel Model

Papers and reports


  • Time series cross validation (Python package)
  • Red-Cliffs – A Python package for game theory, especially its visualization.
  • EasyMH – A lightweight Markov Chain Monte Carlo package with focus on Metropolis-Hastings.
  • Pokémon GO – using Nash Equilibrium to build minimalist PvE lists for Pokémon GO.
  • Neurons – a concise Python package implementing a Neural Network without hidden layers.
  • Breakout – a simple game on Windows, written in C++.
  • From 2048 to ABCD – a 2048-like game, open-source, written in C++.
  • Multithreading of C++ 11– a document testing C++11 multithreading technology.
  • Park – a Python package of PySpark offline testing environment.
  • Vocabulary Memory – an Excel file helping you memorize vocabulary. You can also customize it to memorize other things. Should enable the macro.
  • Fate_GrandOrder – an IPython notebook to help you visualize the stats growth curves in Fate / Grand Order.